Eurotron moved ahead to accommodate production of large-format PV modules by upgrading their high-tech production tools.

In order to offer their clients the ability to produce large format back-contact PV modules, Eurotron is currently incorporating an upgrade of their high-tech production tools.

The demand for large-format solar panels is increasing as a result of a growing need for efficiency throughout the value chain. Eurotron, global leader and manufacturer of equipment for manufacturing back-contact solar modules, anticipates on this by upgrading their equipment.

The upgraded production tools will be suitable to produce all solar modules, cell sizes (wafer sizes, half cells, hexagonal) and cell systems (MWT, IBV, HJ-back contact) with a maximum size of 1400 x 2600 mm and an output of 250 MWp. Eurotron’s dedicated team of hard- and software engineers are working hard to be able to supply the new equipment by the end of September.

Back-contact PV modules
From the beginning, Eurotron has been focusing on back-contact solar modules. In contrast to traditional modules, back-contact solar modules are connected at the back of the panel. This results in more available space for solar panels, an aesthetically more beautiful solar panel and a significant improvement in performance and durability.