Back-contact pv magazine webinar

Last week, pv magazine organized a webinar about back-contact technologies and their position in the market for high-end modules. Our partner DSM Advanced Solar, leading supplier of Conductive Backsheets for back-contact modules has sponsored this webinar and participated in it together with our client Silfab Solar. Silfab Solar is the North American manufacturing leader in the design and development of ultra-high-efficiency premium quality PV modules.

Hugo Schoot’s presentation highlighted the market development of high-efficiency modules, the commercial benefits of back-contact modules and some use cases. Paolo Maccario, President and CEO of Silfab Solar shared valuable insights from Silfab’s experience running large-scale back-contact production with Eurotron’s production lines.

In this webinar, the myriad of advantages of back-contact technology over existing technology were highlighted once again. We truly believe that back-contact modules, which already have raised the bar with respect to quality are also well underway to become a mainstream product in the solar PV industry.

Thanks Hugo Schoot and Paolo Maccario for sharing your insights and opinion and thanks to pv magazine for organizing this webinar.

For those who missed it. Click here to watch the recording or download the presentation.