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About us

Eurogroep is an international industrial corporation devoted to the development, production and sales of high-tech industrial equipment for companies that are active in logistics, solar and horticulture. The group’s subsidiaries strengthen each other with their unique technical knowledge and developed equipment. A combination that results in high-tech equipment with the best handling and vision techniques available for your process.


All companies within Eurogroep feel strongly about equipment innovation, flexibility and commitment to service. Because of this, our companies have built a solid reputation among our clients worldwide. Through understanding our clients and their needs, we are able to design and produce equipment that meets our clients' specific wishes and exceed their demands. Our commitment to our clients never changes; they are the driving force behind our equipment design, improvements and our ever-increasing product portfolio.


All companies within Eurogroep operate with teams of motivated, flexible and enthusiastic employees who do not accept anything less than perfection. Our entire equipment line as well as our (vision) software are developed and produced within the group, assuring compliance with the highest requirements and service. We feel very strongly about equipment innovation, flexibility and commitment to service. Because of this, Eurogroep has built a solid reputation among our customers worldwide.



At Eurogroep, we understand that when our customers are faced with a heavy workload, having the best equipment is vital. Since the start of each of the companies within Eurogroep, we have been at the forefront with our equipment and are known for our game-changing innovations. However, we don’t take anything for granted – we continuously invest in R&D and innovation, and forge ahead to deliver the smartest equipment and services for your process.

Our drive is to constantly improve our equipment, look for better solutions and customize where needed to ensure we deliver the best option for any project.